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Fight The Fade

Fight The Fade is a hard rock group hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Consisting of vocalist Zene Smith, guitarists Tyler Simpson and Bryan Conway, drummer Alyssa Worth & bassist Trevor Taylor. FTF has toured relentlessly since the bands formation in 2010, They've released 2 full length records, Second Horizon (2014) and Fight the Fade (2016) 2 EP's entitled What We Know (2012) and Masks (2018) along with various covers and an acoustic album in 2015 Second Horizon Reimagined featuring reimagined versions of previously released songs. 

Over the existence of the band, they has accumulated a vast audience and over 30 million streams worldwide. Always honing their skills and evolving their sound, FTF has something new to offer with each release, none of which disappoint.

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