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The Dreamboats

GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!! The Dreamboats are bringing back good ol’ fashioned Rock n’ Roll! With a sound that is equal parts Chuck Berry & The Wonders, this quartet of handsome young Mississauga boys delivers a high energy, nostalgic show that has audiences dancing and singing the night away! 

What brings these four youngsters together to play music that was much before their time? A true passion for an era when ice cream cost a quarter, milk was delivered to the door, and people danced to live music! The Dreamboats capture this era at live shows through their angelic harmonies, rockin’ guitars, matching uniforms, and contagious dance steps! 

“It was truly the best stage presence I have seen in a very long time. It was the kind of performance that made you want to kick off your shoes and get loose.”

“They just ripped the whole place up! Their energy and level of fun was off the scale. The crowd reaction was phenomenal - we have not seen anything like it, the girls were screaming so loud!”

— Minty & The Beeb Blog

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